Diving in the Red Sea

Diving all year long in the warm water combined with the discovery of thousands of species of marine life and corals make the Red Sea a scuba diver’s dream destination. Egypt offers an amazing pelagic life such as groups of hammerheads, single thresher sharks or curious oceanic white tips but also 19th and 20th-century wrecks as well as never-ending coral reefs. Choosing a liveaboard gives you a chance to discover all at once or select your preference according to your wish and your buddies. Choosing Poseidon will ensure your safety, precision, confort but the most important having fun and joy.

An incredible marine life

The warm tropical waters are home to more than 1100 species of fish, 200 species of hard and soft corals and 44 species of shark. This rich diversity is in part due to the richness of coral reef that extends along its coastline. Diving in Egypt is a wonderful experience. The Red Sea is home to amazing Reefs with a dense marine life, pelagic fishes, reef sharks, dolphins, and even the very rare Dugong. Let's not forget also that it offers world acclaimed wreck diving such as Thislegorm, Carnactic, Rosalie Moller and dozens of others.

Are You Ready to Become an Expert?

Have you ever imagined hovering over a colorful coral reef? Thankfully you are at the right place. Get the Best Diving Training given by  all the knowledge and experience our dive guides have acquired over the years to ensure divers comfort and endless pleasure.

Saving the Ocean will Save our Planet

Poseidon Red Sea is doing everything in its power to ensure that our safari is as eco-friendly as possible. This is clearly a challenge and while we cannot avoid the use of gasoline, generators or neoprene currently, our aim is to work towards that point in the near future. We are doing our best to reduce the use of single use plastics on board, always encourage our guests to collect marine debris during their dives, and we ensure that the food prepared by our chef is organic and sustainably sourced wherever possible. Each group that joins us on board will be briefed on our sustainability objectives, as well as the correct way to safely collect marine debris by our instructors.


Here at Poseidon Red Sea we are committed to protecting our marine environment and its species. To help us achieve this goal, we have decided to sponsor marine biologist Nakia Cullain, the manager of a tiny and remote but super active marine research centre in Zavora, Mozambique. Nakia has dedicated herself to the research and conservation of manta rays, as well as sharks, whales and a host of other marine species, and we are proud to donate 10€ per diver to help her further her work.


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