Into The Deep Blue!

A Magnificent Cruise of October 2020 that took our minds away in any aspect!

Who is the one that that would not get amazed from the miracles of Red Sea? B.D.E is not by luck the most wanted destination for passionate divers.

Our cruise started with great enthusiasm and ended with even more!

It was like everything conspired so that our guests do not miss a single thing.

From Hammerheads, Longimanus, Thresher sharks, to Manta rays, Dolphins, Turtles, hundreds of big and small fishes paraded during the week , spoiling everyone with their grace and beauty, allowing us to enter in their magnificent world.

Photo Credid Christophe Bouchet

The coral forests in a variety of astonishing colors, as much the the harmony between every living creature underneath, gives a feeling of great freedom to anyone that is lucky to be there.

Every single miracle appeared those days and made every dive splendid!

The fun and adrenaline reached the maximum of our expectations as all our guests were experiencing the underwater world with great excitement !

Photo Credid Christophe Bouchet & Baptiste Cordin

It is not only the beauty underwater that makes a cruise exiting. But all the people that participating in it, giving their best energy and biggest smiles! We were blessed having this amazing group, that each one of them, gave to this week a unique color, deeper than the blue and brighter than the sun! We thank you all for the incredible memories that we made and we wish to make more and more in new adventures every single year!