Mantas are back in the Red Sea!

Last year, we saw the population of Manta Rays, mostly on Panorama, Safaga, but also more and more regularly on Brothers Islands, increasing significantly. In small groups or isolated, large specimens of oceanic mantas rays appeared regularly on these diving spots.

What is great with Manta Rays is their curiosity, their play instinct and especially their magic “flight” which literally suspends time. We were able to meet several very recognizable specimens several times thanks to their famous unique ventral tattoo.

The one you can see on the video is practically all black and easily identifiable. Manta rays are among the most intelligent marine species, they are given an amazing memory and the encounters often give rise to interactions often initiated by the animal and not by the divers. They are very curious, even titillating and can spend several minutes performing harmonious choreographies in front of the amazed divers. A treat offered by the Red Sea.

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