Sharks Were Nervous!

Sharks are one of the most interesting species on planet Earth. They don’t have any bones, they can live in almost any type of water, and there are species hiding in the deep ocean that go for years without being seen.

Sharks are wary, shy animals that in nearly every case will stay away from humans. We are not on their menu, nor do sharks consider us food, but on rare occasions our behaviour and exceptional environmental circumstances can combine and lead to tragedy.

“A supreme and graceful predator that was once perhaps the most widespread large animal on the planet, before sharks became so threatened”

We were feeling excited traveling across the Red Sea to reach the Brothers Island then the Daedalus reef ending with Elphinstone reef. We knew that we will return from each diving spot having an unforgettable experience, as much as beautiful views of the underwater world that we love so much!

The waters so warm in the temperature of 26 degrees made us feel welcome to discover them.

The coral forests in a variety of astonishing colors, as much the life underneath made all our dives unforgettable.

The regular sightings of hammerheads, thresher sharks, grey sharks and white tip reef sharks, gave us a a feeling of amazement , while understanding how they allowed us to enter their world.

Some of them nervous, some of them didn’t even bothered we are there. But each kind of them left its greatness in our eyes and heart!