St Johns & Fury Shoal.

As the most Southern of Egypt’s Red Sea dive destinations, with abundant marine life, uncrowded dive sites and crystal clear visibility, it is easy to understand why divers believe its the best diving in the Red Sea. St Johns is a vast collection of small reefs offering some of the most remote and rewarding diving in the Red Sea. This incredibly beautiful reef lies a short distance north of the Sudanese border. The reef covers a huge area and many dives would be needed to explore the numerous coral heads and islands. On the way back to Marsa Alam, Fury Shoals with its intact coral gardens, magnificent underwater formations, lagoons, caves inhabited by barracudas, sharks, giant trevallies, dog-tooth tuna, turtles, octopuses, dolphins and millions of coral fish.

Diving spots

Starting from Marsa Alam straight down to the South, this tour makes you discover St Johns most famous sites: Habili Ali, Habili Gafar, Umm Arouk, Gota Soraya, Gota Kebira, Dangerous Reef, St John’s Cave. Up North, on the way back Fury Shoal and the well-known: Shaab Maksour, Malahi, the unbelievable Heaven, Gota Sataya, Shaab Claudio


All dives sites are subject to weather conditions and the final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides. St Johns is also a site that can be closed by Authorities and the route can thus be changed at the last minute.

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