Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Poseidon Red Sea. We will do our best to care about your requests and to organize the best possible holidays for you in the Red Sea. Please read our terms and conditions carefully to ensure the best common understanding. Looking forward to see you soon!

Bookings :

If you have some requests or wish to make a booking, please send email to: contact@poseidon-redsea.com or you can call to: + (33) 749445268 . It is at this stage that you will book your service and will be asked to pay a deposit or full balance if the date of departure is within 90 days. Please see the ‘Payment’ section for full details of payment terms.

At the time of booking, we also require the following information from all party members:

– Title & Full Name (as it appears on your passport)

– Passport Number & Nationality*

– Date of Birth

– Current Diving Qualification

– Approx. no. of logged dives

– Equipment Requirements

– Room Upgrade

– Insurance Policy Number, Provider and Contact Telephone No.

– Emergency Contact Details

The tariffs can be modified upwards in the event of an increase in fuel tariffs or government and marine park taxes.

The extra charges are paid of the last day of the cruise on board, except the taxes that are paid the first day.

An option can be asked before a firm reservation (for a diver or a group): An option must be asked with the last name; first name, passport number and diving level of the participants, and is only valid for one week. After one week, the option will be automatically canceled.

A departure will be fully confirmed for a minimum of 14 divers on My Nimar and 14 divers on Gelen. In case of cancellation from our side, we will refund all down payment without retaining fee.

Passport and Flight Details

The information from the passports should be sent by email to Poseidon Red Sea two weeks before departure at the latest. The following declarations are required: family name, first name, nationality, passport number, flight number, time of arrival and departure. Make sure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months after your last travelling day. In unexpected cases such as delays of departures and arrivals, Poseidon Red Sea cannot be held responsible or liable. Please bring with you a copy of the passport and the voucher from your travel agency to your safari tour as well.

Arrival in the airport and Port of departure:

As soon as you enter the arrival terminal our transfer operator will welcome you with a sign Poseidon red sea. He will take care of your visa (stamp) and gives you additional information about your transfer from the airport to the boat. During longer transfers we provide a lunch box and drinks.

We operate from two different ports: Hurghada and Port Ghaleb near Marsa Alam.

Transfer time:

From Hurghada airport to Hurghada Port transfert is about 15 min.

From Hurghada Airport to Port Ghaleb transfert is about 3 hours

Marsa Alam Airport to Port Ghaleb transfert is about 15 min.

We reserve the right to change the port of arrival and / or departure depending on the boat schedule

Check In & Check Out

The check in starts on Saturday after 14:00, including dinner. The check out is carried out next Saturday after breakfast.  In case the arrival is the previous day, there will be an extra charge of one night hotel.(In this case an extra transfer is charged for 5€ / person, from the hotel to the boat ).

The last night before departure, takes place at the marina on board the boat or at the hotel depending on the boat’s organizational needs for the next cruise (this is not charged on the guests).

Responsibility & Safety

The guests agree to respect the safety rules given by the dive guide, who has the right to prohibit them from diving if they do not comply with the safety rules. The diving supervision team reserves the right to change the itinerary or the choice of diving sites depending on weather conditions, or if the technical or physical level of the divers is not suitable for the conditions. No refund will be carried out, if the divers do not respect the safety rules given by the dive guides or if the divers do not have a diving certificate at least Padi OW, CMAS one star or equivalent to present at boarding.

Divers are responsible for their equipment and personal belongings. Poseidon Red Sea cannot be held responsible for their lo.

No reimbursement can be requested in case of plane delay, mechanical problems, weather, illness, accident, strikes, war, criminal acts, terrorist act, natural disaster, quarantine, change in government policy regarding visas and therefore outside control of Poseidon Red Sea.


Prices include:

  • All dives (Two to three dives per day including the night dive. The first and last day of the cruise, only one or two dives for security and organizational reasons.)
  • All meals
  • Juices / Soft Drinks / Standard Coffee
  • Snacks
  • 2 beds standard cabin lower deck
  • Tanks and Weights
  • Nitrox (for divers holding a Nitrox Padi / CMAS / TDI certificate…)
  • Transfer from and to the airport

Prices do not include:

  • Air tickets
  • Alcohol /espresso
  • Rental of full diving equipment without computer- 150 €
  • Rental in parts: Regulator 55 € / Jacket BCD 45€ / Wetsuit 45€ / Shorty 35€ / Computer 40€ / Fins & Masks are for free
  • Courses and Private Guide
  • Special Cabin: Double Bed Upper Deck: 100€/P, Single Cabin: 300€ subject to availability
  • Use of 15L tanks, extra bloc 12L– 45 € – Bi 2x12L 65€
  • Boat Taxes 50€
  • Crew Tips
  • Visa 30 € (for receiving visa faster, since someone will be hired from the company to make the process of the visas, so that the guests do not wait in line by themselves to receive it.)
  • Diving insurance from 10-15 € per week
  • On board shopping


Diving Rules

  • Egyptian legislation limits recreational diving to a depth of 40 meters (without decompression stop)
  • Medical certificate allowing the practice of scuba diving (mandatory document must be less than a year old)
  • Dive cards, and diving log should justify the level of the diver. Bring them on board.
  • For autonomous dives, please bring your dive computer and a surface signaling device.
  • Poseidon diving instructors are responsible of all diving activities and should be respected. They might have to forbid some dives in case a customer does not gather the level and/or technical skills for a dive site. They can suspend a diver from diving if it does not respect on board or basic diving rules.


Each participant must present specific insurance for the practice of diving. We offer weekly DAN insurance if the participant does not have annual coverage at 10€ per week and that covers only decompression chamber.

If you want to be fully covered for any damage that can happen on the boat or while diving, we offer a weekly DAN formula at a rate of 30 € for 7 days.

Safety on Board

All dives non-decompression dives.
In case of emergency, we have a 50 liter oxygen tank and a medic first aid box onboard of all live boards in our fleet. We suggest that you make a special insurance in case of a diving accident that covers the expenses of the hyperbaric chamber and medical evacuation.


It is mandatory that each diver has the following: Dive computer, surface signaling device, snorkel, diving certificate, a regulator with alternate air source, torch (for night dives), a weight belt or integrated weight jackets. If you need any rental equipment, please contact us at least two weeks prior to the safari, so we can ensure equipment is on board for you.

We also suggest that you should have the most important spare parts with you like mask and fin straps and the repair kit for your type of regulator. Please think as well about batteries, seals and bulbs for your torch.


We offer CMAS, PADI and SSI courses on all of our boats. The most popular courses we conduct are level 1 and 2 CMAS, Advanced Open Water course and Specialties like Nitrox, Deep Diving, Wreck Diving. If you want to receive a training during your cruise, please send the request once your booking is confirmed to ensure we have enough instructors on board.

Payment & Cancelation policy :

First Down Payment: In order to ensure your booking, you are asked for a 25% down payment of the cruise price.

Second Down Payment: 90 days before the Diving cruise starts, another 25% payment will be asked.

The remaining 50% of the cruise price should be paid 30 days before the departure.

In case of cancelation, 3 months before the date of the cruise, a 100% refund is carried out with a retain fee of 50€.

In case of cancelation 60 days before the date of the cruise, 50% of the payment will be retained from the down payment.

In case of cancelation 30 days before the trip, no refund is carried out.

It can happen that bank charges are taken out during bank transfer. In case of refund, we cannot be held responsible for the fee retained by your bank.


At the Red Sea you have dry desert climate. During summer months the air temperature is around 35C° and often higher with a water temperature from 26C° to 32C°. In the winter the evenings and even daytimes are colder and the water temperatures are between 20C°to 23C°. A wind-jacket or warm pullover is generally recommended. On board you just need summer clothes, but it can be very windy.

Environmental Law

  1. Hunting, fishing, collecting or destroying corals and shells is prohibited.
  2. It is prohibited to throw anything into the sea, including oil, garbage, grease, etc.
  3. It is prohibited to use boat anchors in protected areas.
  4. It is forbidden to feed fish and birds.
  5. The use of diving gloves and knives is prohibited.
  6. It is forbidden to walk on corals or reefs.

We ask our guest to fully respect our law because it also respects our Beloved Red Sea. The fine can be very important but the captain or the instructors can be suspended from their job too. Thank you for your understanding.

We wish to make sure that every aspect of your experience with Poseidon Red Sea will bring you full enjoyment. We are at your disposal to give you any additional information and to assist you when you need it.