Red Sea Highlights

The Southern route

Zabargad Island

Zabargad Island is a large piece of land in front of port Berenice offering a wonderful dive site including wall diving, canyons, cave and shallow areas thanks to the lagoon. Here live many tropical grouper fishes among other marvels that can

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St. John's - Fury Shoal

Fury Shoal

Fury Shoal is a huge chain of reefs creating a host of outstanding dive sites. Here are tons of beautiful reefs with thousands of colorful fishes. The biological diversity on corals, both hard and soft, is astonishing. Divers can enjoy exploring

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The Southern route

Abu Dabbab

Is one of the most famous dive site of the red sea and of all of Egypt. It is one of the few places in the world where you can dive with the very rare an Dugong aka the Sea Cow.

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Elphinstone reef

Elphinstone reef, part of the well-known Golden Triangle is a Red Sea legend. One of the most beautiful dive spot allowing every divers to get fun and excitement. With its North and South plateaus covered in hard and soft corals,

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Big Brother Island

The highlight of the Red Sea. Awarded one of the best dive site of the world for pelagic encounters. Big Brother is a 400 meter long island offering fabulous wreck diving and wall diving. The wreck of the Numidia lies

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Ras Mohamed Reef

This is a world renowned dive site, situated at the tip of the Sinai. Two small ergs are joined by a vertical wall dropping into the abyss. At Shark Reef the current allows you to drift along the wall, rich

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